Monday, August 7, 2017

Green Beans Almondine

Hey All!  You need to eat more beans!?  Of course you do!

    This amazing side dish can almost be a meal.  One dish everyone will ask for seconds on.  Beans are so healthy for the body and mixed with almonds they are even better!  In this day and age however it is hard to get kids to eat their beans.  One of the reasons so many people love this dish is because of how great it taste and how easy it is to make!

     You can pair this as a side to chicken, beef, seafood, pasta or pretty much anything!  If you want a light meal you can make this alone too.  The meal is filling and french cut green beans are light and easy to digest.  Check out how simple this is below and you will be amazed how the kids ask for seconds!

Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Cook Time: 15 Minutes
Total Time: 20 Minutes

1 Bag of French Cut Beans.  Use Fresh or Frozen, not canned.
3 Table spoons of Sliced Almonds
3 Table spoons of Butter
1 Cup of Water
Pinch of Salt and Pepper

Place 1 bag of french cut style green beans in a pot of boiling water.
On a separate pan heat up butter.  (Or oil to make it vegan)
Once the butter is melted down, add in the sliced Almonds.
Stir around till browned.
Drain Green beans.
Add the green Beans to the butter/almonds.
Mix around.
Place in a nice bowl and serve!

You can garnish with some uncooked chopped almonds.

We have to say, they really have a beautiful look to them.

We do hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to watch the video below!  This meal really has a wonderful taste and will give your body the energy and nutrients it needs!

Thanks everyone for joining us on this post and we really do hope you try this out!  Sometimes in cooking the simplest dishes are really the best.  We do hope you try this out we think you will enjoy it and add it to your list of regulars!

Cooking should be FUN, have FUN doing it!

The Cooking Corner
~Blog Team