Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Fried Chicken Balls

Hello all!

Here is such a fun and easy appetizer or dinner for you to try!  Everyone loves fried chicken right?  Now make them in nice easy to eat sphere formation with no bones!  Chef liked making this dish because he got to experiment with some different breading as well.  This dish makes a wonderful appetizer however you can make it a lunch or dinner easily.  Chef also tried some fun things like adding cheese to the middle of them and just experiment all around which he enjoyed and likes giving you the results.  Make sure you keep reading to see how to make them and how they turned out.

Serves: 4
Prep Time: 25 Minutes
Cook Time: 3-5 Minutes

Ingredients 1 Lb Ground Chicken 2-3 Cups Crushed Cornflakes,Panko or Italian Seasoned Break Crumbs. 2 Table Spoons Smoked Paprika 2 Table Spoons Garlic Powder 2 Table Spoons Italian Seasoning 4 Table Spoons Crushed Parm Cheese Pinch Salt Pinch Pepper 3 Eggs 1 Table spoon Milk 2 Cups Flour Any Dipping Sauce you like.

Start off with your pound of ground chicken in a bowl.
Season it with salt salt and pepper.
Mix the meat well and set aside.
Get your breading ready. Bread crumbs, Panko or corn flakes in a separate bowl.
Season with the Paprika, Garlic Powder, Italian Seasoning and Parm Cheese mix well. All three breading will come out differently so you are aware.
Then roll the ground chicken into small balls. In the video they looked a bit larger chef says go even smaller. Bit sized.
If you want mix it up and place a small piece of mozzarella cheese inside then fold the meat around it.
Dredge the balls in flour, then egg wash which is eggs and a bit of milk. then roll in the breading.
Place on a plate and repeat.
When all the meat is gone put the plate in the fridge for about 10-15 minutes to let sit.
In the mean time heat up some oil to about 330 to 350 degrees but not hotter.
When the oil is ready lower a few balls in the oil and let cook. 
Move them around and wait till they float.  Depending how big they are they will cook longer.
Take them out and let rest on a wire cooling rack for a few minutes.
Then plate up with your favorite dipping sauce!

Here they are!

We think you will enjoy this meal because it was simple and fun to make. Always be careful with using oil of course. Chef enjoyed making this because he knows they are a hit at the parties. IT also was a fun and new dish to try so why not try it! Below is the video and we do ask you watch it so you know what to expect! Also inside the few fried balls chef used Sharp cheddar cheese but again use Mozzarella because it has a higher heat tolerance.

Check out the video!
We do hope you try this out.  Everyone is different in terms of what they like but Chef said the Panko were one of his favorites. They had a great crunch and came out well.  The only other advise he said was to make sure to make the balls a bit smaller, larger ones will take more time to cook and there is a possibility you can burn the outsides and the insides are still raw.  So keep the heat around 300 after a bit of cooking as well.  

Thank you all again for joining us and we do hope you try this out.

Remember, Cooking should be FUN, have FUN doing it!

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