Monday, December 11, 2017

How to Cook and Egg

Hey everyone!
       Welcome to our new section we are calling our "How Too".  This section will show you how to make very simple dishes or just quick tips and tricks!  The videos are quicker and more to the point of helping you learn new tips and tricks to cooking.  So our first segment is on how to cook a great over easy egg.  This can be difficult per people tent to overcook them or break the yoke to soon.  Below are going to be some tips we think you will really benefit from!

Crack the eggs over a small bowl to ensure no shells get in, if they do use the egg to pull them out.
Heat up a nonstick pan to about medium high and melt some butter.  Eggs are high in protein and will stick to pans easily.
Once heated pour the un-broken eggs in the pan and let cook. 
Let cook for several minutes and move the pan around to ensure they aren't sticking.
Flip them very carefully when you see the yoke is getting stronger.
Let cooked for another minute or so depending how runny you want then remove.
Take off and then salt and pepper.  Salt will break down the eggs so always season after.
Serve up and enjoy!

     Egg's aren't scary to make, you just have to be patient and use medium to higher heat, but not very high heat.  It does take time and practice as well and each time you try you will learn something new.  Give this a try and see how it goes.  Our video is below so be sure to check out what chef does and how he makes his over easy eggs. 


     Thank you again for joining us on our first "How Too" video and we hope you enjoyed and learned something from it!  We plan on putting more out over time so be sure to check our site out and look for those!  

Thank you all!

Remember, Cooking should be FUN, have FUN doing it!

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