Friday, July 29, 2016

Welcome to the Cooking Corner!


     I wanted to welcome you all to the Cooking Corner!  This Blog will be linked with my YouTube Site and my G+ Site.  I wanted to start by thanking you for coming over and showing your interest!  So what is this about?  Well I started The Cooking Corner because I have been cooking almost my whole life.  I grew up with it and just embraced everything it offered.  Cooking for me relaxes me, makes me happy and just puts me in a zone where I feel so comfortable.  Cooking doesn't do this for everyone however I know a lot of people are just learning to cook or want to learn more.

     I wanted to start a cooking show and site that shows everyone you don't have to feel intimidated or nervous about cooking.  Here we cook right out of my basic kitchen with just your average appliances and ingredients.  I won't be in a studio or a very expensive kitchen cooking foods you feel you will never make!  Both my wife and I work two jobs and are just as busy as everyone.  I have a daughter I have part time that we both support as well and just know there are so many others out there trying their hardest and want them to know I am here to help!  I want to show you some fun and easy meals you can make!

     I plan on making everything from breakfast,lunch,and dinners to appetizers, desserts and side dishes!  However something I haven't seen much of is, I want to do dishes that are perfect for that really busy day or two in the week you just feel you can't get a thing done!  This is my Mid Week Meal collection.  Fast but very delicious meals you can make when you get home and have either lots to do or kids to help get settled.  If you are single, dating, married, have a family or a single parent there is always a few days you just don't look forward too!  I want to show you some easy dishes you can have ready after work or if you do an activity afterwards.  Something you can still cook,eat and cleanup in record time!  Leaving you with more time for the fun things in life like relaxing or being with family and friends!  

     There are so many cooking shows on TV and online I know... So how will I get your attention?  Well I want to first show and tell you that yes I work hard, and I am in the same boat you are.  I work two jobs and have lots going on and if I can cook something you can to!  I think when people see others in the same boat they have a connection.  I work so hard to get the bills paid and I don't want anyone to think I make tons just relaxing and doing a few videos a week!  This for me is to help you, and help me!  Having an electron cook book is great!  So with all I do I just want to say I know how busy you are and I feel it.  I hope I can help and I hope you don't see me as someone with a nice kitchen who has no clue how hard it is.  My kitchen isn't that big, you'll see.

     So if it's a house, apartment, town home, condo, or what or wherever you live I want to help!  I will show you some of the tricks and things I've learned and it wont be expensive.  I do hope you stop by and see.  Below will be a link to my trailer.  If you like it hit the Subscribe Button!  You will get up to date videos.  I plan on putting out one or two a week starting in September.  On the right of this blog you can subscribe as well to get updates!

I hope you do give me a change and I encourage anyone to cook.  Never feel you can't.

Remember Cooking should be Fun, so have Fun doing it!  

~The Cooking Corner
Blog Team


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