Thursday, August 11, 2016

Homemade French Fries (Teaser Video)

  One of the best and classic sides, late night snack or just all around fun foods to eat is the classic french fry!  This amazing snack can be made simple or spiced up, however you make it everyone is sure to run over and be excited that you made them homemade fries!

     You don't have to go far to find french fries and for a long time I thought they were difficult to make but after some great pointers from a friend and wife we made them and did a video all in one take!  I think honestly cutting the fries scared me the most.  I always felt you have to buy a cutter to specifically make them but it really is easy.  With just a few natural ingredients and a some time you can have amazing and very crispy french fries your self!

     So below is just one style of how to cook them, I hope you enjoy and try this dish too!  Also note this is my YouTube channels teaser video!  After putting up my trailer so many people have been messaging me as well as asking in person when the first video was going to drop!  I know I said the Fall but people are just to excited to wait so I will be dropping this teaser video now!  I hope you enjoy!

Below is all the information be sure to view the video at the bottom and check out others to come!

Prep Time: 5-10 Minutes
Cook Time: 50-60 Minutes
Total Time: Little over an hr. (I do add shortcuts too)    

-Russet Potatoes about one large potato per person
-Vegetable Oil

-Wash and pat dry all the potatoes you want to use.  In my video I left the skins on to give them that home style look but you can peal them as well.  I used Russet potatoes I feel they work best.
- Cut the potato in half and then place the smooth side down and slice down making thin strips.
- Place the strips in cold water.  This will remove some of the starch to make them crispy when cooked.
- Let sit in the bowl of cold water for about 15 minutes.  You will see the water get cloudy.
- Take the fries out and pat dry.
- Heat your fryer up to about 310 degrees.  Use and outside fryer to keep the vapors outside!
- Place the fries in slowly and let cook for about 7 minutes.  The low heat will cook them from the inside.  The fries will cook the oil down to about 250-260 this is okay.
-Pull the fries out and let dry.  Place them out to cool for about 25-30 minutes or place in the freezer to speed up the cooling process.  If you place them in the freezer you only need about 10 minutes.
***Note after freezing them you can place them in a bag and cook them later!  You can cook up a large batch to do this and have fries on hand then.  All you have to do is pull them from the freezer and continue with the next few steps!
- Once the fries are cooled down raise the oil heat to about 390 degrees, again the oil will cool so just keep an eye on it and raise the heat if needed.
- Place the fries in and let fry in the hot oil now.  This will make them crispy and will only take a few minutes to cook.
- Let cook until you want.  We like our really crispy so we leave them in for a few minutes.
- Remove slowly and let the oil drain off them, Place in a bowl with a paper towel.
- Salt and Pepper to your liking and mix well.
- Place on a plate with your favorite dipping sauce and serve immediately.

     I hope you all enjoyed this dish, I never thought to double fry the fries but after doing a lot of looking and viewing I learned this helps make the fries that much better and crispy.  This dish really doesn't take much time and you can use the freezer to cook the fries after the first cooking stage to cool them down faster.

I hope everyone enjoyed this teaser post!  We are still in production but if you want us to put more out sooner let me know!

Cooking should be FUN, so have FUN doing it!

~The Cooking Corner
Blog Team


  1. My mouth is watering just looking at them :)

    1. Thanks! You are my first comment, and from over the pond! :) I hope you stay tuned in I will make much more!!

  2. "Cooking should be Fun, so have Fun doing it", I love that phase Chris. Great, easy to watch & follow video. Those French Fries (chips in NZ)sure look yummy 😋

    1. Trina,
      Thank you so much for your comment! You are so nice and such a good friend! I would love to come to your lovely country and see what amazing foods you have. You will have to send me some meals I would love to cook them! yes always remember it should be fun! :)
      Talk to you soon,