Thursday, November 10, 2016

100,000 SUBSCRIBER BONANZA!!!!|Honey Pecan Salmon

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Kinda, it's actually 100...

     As you can see we hit a landmark!  Well we actually hit 100 SUBSCRIBERS, so whats a few zeros and a comma!  So we did it, one of the biggest milestones for You Tubers is actually the 100 Subscriber point.  They say it is one of the hardest per you are just starting off and getting there is difficult.  We wanted to celebrate this with a nice healthy dish we think you will really enjoy!  If you like fish/seafood you will enjoy this!  If you are just starting to try fish, this dish will not be a bad one to try.  Salmon is very healthy and easy to make.  With just a few ingredients and your oven you can put this amazing dish together in just a few minutes!

     We really think you will enjoy this dish and we hope you do try it.  The Cooking Corner loves making great fun dishes, but also wants our viewers to know fun and great tasting can also be healthy and beneficial to you! Below are all the ingredients and directions be sure to check them out and see our video below!  If we are ever going to hit 1,000 subscribers we will need your help so subscribe please!

Serves 2

Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Cook Time: 15-20 Minutes
Total Time: 25-30 Minutes

2 Fresh caught salmon.  Also note you can use farm raised salmon if there is no fresh caught available.  Look for the darkest salmon, the darker the color the better.
1 Cub of pure farm bough Honey
2 Table spoons of crushed Pecans
1 Table Spoon Brown Sugar
4 Cups Broccoli cut up
2 Ounces of Olive Oil
2 Table spoons of of Salt
2 Table spoons of Pepper
2 Table spoons of Powder
2 Cups of Quinoa

Rinse the salmon under cold water and pat dry.
Lightly season with salt, pepper and garlic powder, on both sides then let rest.
In a large bowl mix the broccoli, table spoon of salt, pepper and garlic powder.
In a smaller bowl mix the brown sugar, honey and chopped pecans.  Chop the pecans in a mixer if you can't buy them chopped up.  Chef chopped his own.
Add more honey if needed and mix up till it is a thick glaze.
Either heat up a cast iron skillet or place tin foil on a cooking sheet if you do not have cast iron.
(Heating up the cast iron will allow the fish to cook and not stick)
Place your fish in the skillet or sheet pan and surround with the seasoned broccoli
Glace the salmon with your honey pecan glaze, place a nice thick coat on.
Have your oven set to broil and place in.
Depending on how how your oven gets you need between 15-20 minutes.  Do not have the fish to close to the top, second setting down is good.
Cook the Quinoa.
Check the fish every few minutes, if the boccie is getting crispy as well as the fish you are good.
You want the fish to look crispy and the broccoli to have black charred tops.
Remove and plate up.
Drizzle any reaming glaze over top and serve over a bead of Quinoa or not up to you.

     There you have it! Looks amazing and has a great sweet taste, the broccoli will cook with that glaze as well making them crispy and sweet!  This dish is different unique and very healthy, one of Chef's very own original.

    Again thank you all for your support we have such a great team and fan base you are all so awesome to us and we are grateful for where we are!  100 subscribers down....  A lot more to go!  Spread the word for us please! 


Cooking should be FUN, have FUN doing it!

The Cooking Corner
~Blog Team

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